Nude Dudes Candles

100% Soy Wax,
 Scented Candles


More than just candles.

| "Hand-poured to imperfection." |

Hand-poured by the 'nude dudes' themselves, each candle is finished with a personal touch.

Our Candles

Our ever growing selection of aromas and scents have been carefully tested and selected to suit every need.

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But we are more than just candles, NDC will be donating 10% of every sale to charity, we rotate our charities every three months.


What it comes down to is that Nude Dudes have a passion for candles and we hope that we can bring that passion to you whilst lending a helping hand to the community in the process.

About us.

Guys .... It's perfectly fine if you love candles. We get it.

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