Ryan Underwood


Ryan isn't just a cute and cuddly 105kg's of muscle, he is also the brains behind the tasty aromas. Having been exposed to aromatherapy whilst studying massage and remedial therapy, Ryan is the mixologist and mastermind behind all scents, including the creation of our signature candle and scent, the 'Mandle'.

Ryan spends his time transforming lives as a personal trainer, online fitness coach and body builder. His spare time is spent with his gorgeous wife Carly, his gorgeous ragdoll cat Belle and his extremely handsome but rather smelly brother in-law Chris.

Dip. Massage and Remedial Therapy
Cert III & IV. Fitness


Chris Bateman


Chris is the sort of like baby kitten (but not as cute). Recently completing his Masters in Business Administration. Chris spends 95% of his spare time sleeping or eating... (yes, like a kitten.)

Being teased by mates and exes for his love of candles in the past Chris wants to prove to them all that everyone, man, woman, child or cat, loves candles. (Although not all of them light them and watch re-runs of Will and Grace and The Nanny like he does)

Masters Business Administration
Bach. Business (Events) / Bach. Sport and Recreation
Dip. Events & Sport


Carly Underwood

Co- Founder

Social Media and Business Development

You would be silly to believe that Ryan and Chris don't have an incredibly smart, strong and creative woman working behind the scenes. Carly is the glue that binds Nude Dudes together.

Carly is a high school drop out, turned dancer, turned personal trainer, turned nurse and is now corporate Carly where she is regional manager for funding of 25+ aged care facilities around Australia.  

Her spare time is divided between the gym, her cat Belle and yelling at Chris and Ryan for being stinky & messy boys around the house. 

Bach. Nursing
Dip. Nursing

Cert III & IV. Fitness