About Nude Dudes Candles.

Nude Dudes Candles was founded in January 2016 by Chris Bateman, Ryan Underwood and Carly Underwood. All 3 of whom love nothing more than winding down from a long day by lighting a couple of candles and relaxing with a cheeky Netflix session.

NDC has three core values:

  1. Work for a purpose.
    10% of every sale is donated to charity, with charities rotating every three months.


  2. Using our signature 'Mandle' to show blokes that it is okay to light a few candles. Whether its watching some sex in the city or sitting around with the lads, light a candle and feel the good vibes.

  3. Keep it simple and fun. This is where the name nude dudes is derived from, nothing fancy, no nonsense, just nude candles.

All candles are made from 100% soy wax, which benefits from having a great fragrance throw and is environmentally friendly. So basically our candles will burn for longer, smell great and won't negatively contribute to our ever deteriorating environment, like other candles out there.

Hopefully you love our candles as much as we do and will help us in sharing the good times and positive vibes.

Be sure to share all of your photos, reviews, ratings and comments on all of the social media pipes.

FB: /ndcandles

Instagram: Nudedudescandles